Why do we believe our website deserves its space on the internet?

Brevious Lighting was formed to help people out with their lighting design questions. We would like to share with homeowners some popular lighting techniques and the best lighting design tricks. Because this is an informational website, we don’t want to sell you lights – we just want to help you with your purchase decisions. Isn’t that the work of lighting designers, you say? Yes, it is, but we believe that every house is a unique reflection of its owner(s), and lighting designers simply can’t do all the work for you. My family and I have built three houses over several years, and decorated many apartments for family members. Lighting designers are certainly helpful. Some of the lighting decisions we made were completely wrong—we were warned by professionals, but we did what we wanted anyway, just to find out for ourselves. In the designing and building process we have learned a lot and we would like to share that knowledge with you. Are we professional designers? No, we are just interested in the challenges of lighting design (and the things that come with it) and our opinion is sometimes different from a professional one (and we are proud of that).

What are our plans for BreviousLighting.com?

We want to make BrviousLighting.com the #1 online source of lighting design information. We want to help as many people as possible, and we want to hear critiques of our ideas. We want people to disagree with us and help make us the greatest source of lighting information online. Our eventual aim is to help 1000 visitors every day. If every visitor that leaves our site has gotten a new idea while browsing, our primary purpose will be achieved.

We hope you like our website – if you have additional questions or comments, you can contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. Have fun browsing!