Bathroom lights

In case you are struggling to select suitable lighting for your new or remodeled bathroom, we may have a solution for you. If you read carefully, you will find one of the best ways to properly illuminate your bathroom. You will discover how different lights can make your bathroom look better than ever, not to mention more pleasant to use – after all, your comfort comes first.

After you hear our bathroom design ideas, you will know why it’s important to use more than one light in your bathroom, even if you own a very small bathroom. You will also understand that lighting doesn’t provide only proper illumination, but also improves your bathroom appearance and sets great mood in it. You will discover why good lighting in your bathroom is more important that good lighting in the kitchen or any other room of your home. But you will have to be careful – after you read this article and take some action, your guests may be jealous of you.

Lighting tip number one: Your own design ideas as starting point

In order to add a personal note in your bathroom, you will need to take some time and think how you would like your bathroom to look. You can look in some magazines, books or websites for some general ideas. If your friends and family members have already remodeled their bathrooms, you can peek in their bathrooms and see whether you like it or not. You are a winner in any case – if you like it, you can use similar solutions. In case you don’t like it, you will know that you will need to find something better.


An example of modern bathroom lighting

At this point I need to warn you about one important thing – even if you extremely like lighting in your neighbors’ bathroom, you should not make your bathroom the same. Why? Because your bathroom is definitely different – maybe it’s bigger, smaller, differently shaped or simply get’s more or less natural light. You can read some more about this in the next tip.

Lighting tip number two: Seeking professional assistance

Even though you believe your plan (discussed in previous tip) is perfect, believe me, it’s not. You probably didn’t consider all options and you most likely aren’t aware of all the facts that will influence the usage of your bathroom. That is why I encourage people to find a solid light designer. Their most important work will be the calculation of light needed in every part of the bathroom. Light designer can also help you maximize the usage of natural lights where and when it’s possible.

Lighting tip number three: One (type of) light is definitely not enough

Unfortunately, people are still used to bathroom that only had one strong light above the mirror and that was it. I’m glad to say that these times are over – according to some reputable lighting designers, every bathroom (no matter how small it is) should have four (!) types of lights. Task lights are the one that we all know – they make sure we have enough light for our everyday bathroom tasks (like shaving, applying lipstick, makeup application and so on). Most commonly used are two lighting fixtures (usual wall lights) near the sink (one of each side, which prevents unpleasant shadows). An example of task lighting can be seen on picture 1 (above the mirror).

Second type of bathroom lighting is ambient lighting, which can be achieved with different lighting techniques. Some people hide ambient lights so that no one can see them, others use fancy ceiling lights. The most important is the effect – less shadows in the bathroom. Some people claim that ambient lights also make people look younger – I agree that they can help to certain extend, but don’t expect too much. After all, they are ambient lights, not miracle workers.

I would also like to present you accent lights – they are lights with one single intention. Their job in the bathroom is to extra illuminate thing that need extra illumination – mostly pictures, design features and so on.

Last type of bathroom lights are decorative lights – they are only installed because they make bathroom look better. In combination with ambient lights, they are able to set better mood in every bathroom.

Lighting tip number four: Think outside the box and make plans in advance

Make sure you always know exactly how your new bathroom will look like before you start any physical work (like breaking walls down, changing tiles and similar tasks). This way, you will be able to predict possible troubles and find solutions for them. You definitely don’t want to break the wall and then find out that your bathroom is now too big for the lights in it.

With the words “think outside the box” I mean the following – use natural light if you can (it will save you energy and money in the future). If you are remodeling your bathroom, you can consider adding some extra windows.


We have learned quite a lot – we now know that it’s important to have our own ideas and also seek for an expert opinion. We also know that we should have all four different types of lights in our bathroom in order to make it look (and feel) perfect. Lastly, we are aware of the fact that proper planning is very important. And this are all basic things we need to know when we are remodeling or building our bathroom. Now it’s time to get to work. Have fun!

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