Creative Lighting in the Kitchen – Kitchen Lighting Schemes

As kitchens grown in sophistication and appliances advance in technological know-how, they need proper lighting to complete the attractive package that you have installed. Here are two lighting schemes that will not only make your kitchen look great but also draw people into it. Who says that families never spend any time together anymore? With these layouts, everyone will be lured to the breakfast bar.

The subtle yet functional kitchen


First kitchen lighting option – layout

This layout goes easy on the peripheral lights yet gives plenty of illumination around the central area, where people will gather to eat, talk and chop vegetables. The lights along the side will serve as wall washers, putting just the right amount of accent on your cabinets. The hanging pendant lights will be conversation starters and draw people into your kitchen (without you even asking them) as they see them from the living room. With the huge variety of pendant lights available these days, you can pick a pair or three to go along with just about any theme that you desire – vintage, modern, Asian, the choices are numerous.

The powerful fluorescent lights are for dining on a cloudy, rainy day or for those midnight excursions into the kitchen for a snack, when you do not want to step on a toy or stray bowl. There are definitely times when very bright light is needed in the kitchen, even if you have lots of window space that lets sunlight in.


First kitchen lighting option – Intensity on surface

This scheme works well because it has the two extremes of the lighting spectrum—subtle ambient and high-illumination fluorescent. These two options match your varying needs in the kitchen, and the pendant lights add the pizzazz. A functional yet stylish kitchen—isn’t that what you are after?

The advanced, green kitchen

This kitchen proves how far lighting options have come, with a strip of uplights throwing light from on top of the cabinets onto the ceiling and back, as well as low-voltage linear lights for plenty of light to work by on the countertops, without the glare. Light that is bounced off the ceiling has a very pleasant effect that many people love. The linear lights also add a nice touch and won’t break your power budget, either.


Second kitchen lighting option – Layout

Another nice touch in this scheme is lights built in to an exhaust chimney for use around the stove. Such chimneys almost always draw raves from visitors, and the extra light onto the stove area will be appreciated.


Second kitchen lighting option – Intensity on surface

This layout places light sources in many different areas with varying intensities. It combines versatility with ultra-modern and cost-effective light sources. If you face a situation where you don’t believe that you have enough light, you can always flip on the fluorescents to make sure that no corner is dark! Between the exhaust chimney and the low-voltage lights, your kitchen will have a very earthy, green (read: modern) feel that will make you feel good, too, especially when the light bill arrives in the mail.

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