Home office lighting

The home office/study should not be the last place to be decorated in your home. Whether you receive clients in your home office or use it as a private retreat for yourself and a few selected friends, the proper lighting scheme can make it the most inviting room in your home, not the neglected stepchild! Here are two layouts that will draw you into this private corner even after work hours.

The library as star in the study

Home office lighting option one – layout

If you have a collection of books that you like to show off and share, this is a fantastic scheme to make sure that it is the star of the room. Even in today’s electronic age, a hefty library still draws “oohs” and “aahs” from visitors. You’ve assembled your book collection for decades—show it off! Recessed wall washers will beam the perfect amount of light onto your tomes, and you can dim them if you have no visitors that you want to impress.


Additionally, the reflected light off of your volumes will be enough to light most of the room, yet not clash with your wall painting light or task light on the study table. You can install an uplight for the painting or buy a frame with the light already inside it. If you do purchase an uplight, be sure that it can clear the frame of the painting so that no shadows result.

A floor lamp adds the perfect accent to this layout, and you can go modern or throwback when you pick the décor that you desire. Given that you are highlighting old school books, you will probably want a classic design for your floor lamp. All that is needed to complete this classic study is a wood floor and cherry humidor to let guests know that you are well-read and have exquisite taste in books and cigars. A throw rug or two is permitted, but a wood floor will complete this layout very nicely. Just be sure that your rugs match the class of your library and cigar collection.

Home office lighting option one – intensity on surface

The expandable study

Home office lighting option two – layout

If you like chandeliers in multiple places in your home, then this layout indulges your taste and looks great, too. The chandelier gives the room a unique, stately feel, and it also makes the area seem larger than it is. And don’t forget that not all chandeliers have to look like million-dollar fixtures, if you do not want to get too ostentatious in your study’s design. There are dozens of varieties of chandeliers to choose from these days. If you turn the chandelier off and rely solely on the recessed wall washer and cove lighting, you will have a very intimate setting that seems smaller than it is, the perfect time to share a drink with a good friend or friends. Don’t forget the liquor cabinet in this cosy retreat!

Home office lighting option two – intensity on surface

The cool thing about lighting is that it can make any space seem larger or smaller than it actually is—precisely what you are after in your study with this arrangement

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