Insight on Lights

If you know anything about interior and exterior decorating, you know that light plays a key role in any design and effect that you want to create. As technology advances, the options that you have for lighting a given area increase dramatically. For that reason, you need to get as much information as possible before deciding how you want to light a space inside or outside your home.

This website offers help in several areas:

Light Layering Explained …

The article on light layering will explain how you can combine different types of light in a given room or space to create a dramatic effect. Not all lamps in a given room need to be 60-watt incandescent! You can mix different types of light sources to emit a warm glow in one area and a directed spotlight in another, for instance. Read this article for more ideas on what is called “light layering.”

The Color of Light

The wattage of a given light is not the best indicator of the color of light that it will emit. Do not make this common error when evaluating lamps for your home. The color of a light is actually measured on a very different scale than wattage. Read the article on comparing colors of light to find out more.

For more information about light color and how that can affect your decorating, check out the article on how different colors can and should be used in different areas. This article gives more detailed information on light color and scheme.

Light bulb comparison

If you are overwhelmed by all of the lamp choices out there, be sure to check out our handy guide to lights. We examine the pros and cons of five different types of lamps on the market and make recommendations for you. This quick comparison of lamps will bring you up to speed on lighting terms, efficiency measures and technological breakthroughs that could affect your choices. You also will discover which lights have the highest initial costs and which give the best value for your money.


Skylights are growing in popularity as people go more green and design their homes accordingly. Skylights can be used in places other than your entrance or sunroom. The article on this site explores the considerations that you need to take into account before harnessing the power of the sun to light up many of your living spaces.


Daylight is almost always welcome in a home; it brightens the interior, lifts your mood and cheers your spirit. However, the sun’s rays can be harmful to many items in your house. What can you do to harness the beautiful sunlight that streams through your windows and prevent it from damaging your artwork and upholstery? How can you get creative in allowing more daylight into your home? Read the article entitled “Making Use of Daylight to Illuminate Your Home” for ideas and tips on making daylight work for you.

Lighting Your Home Office

Your home office does not have to be a drab work space with no beauty. Through careful planning, you can light your home office in a way that will enable you to both complete the many tasks at hand and use the space at other times for different functions. In this article, advice is given on lighting the area around your computer and lighting your home office in a way that it can easily make the transition to a den or other type of family/personal room. If you receive clients into your home office, the type of lighting that you use will be crucial to setting the right environment for their visits.

Getting Hyper-Creative with Light in Your Home

Are you a very creative person that has not yet figured out how to apply that creativity to your home lighting? Here is help! From light sculptures to fibre optic creations and optical framing projectors, the opportunities for creativity are exploding as lighting technology advances. Check out this article for tips on creating lots of drama (the good kind) in your home through inventive lighting that does not have to cost too much. Using either atypical lighting fixtures or casting light in unusual ways, you can let your imagination run wild as you light your home.

Happy reading! And, may you make the optimum choice for your lighting needs. We’d love to hear about how we helped you understand the fascinating and important world of home lighting.

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