Kids’ lights

Kids’ lights – Five lighting ideas for children’s rooms

Selecting proper illumination for kids’ rooms is definitelynot an easy task – besides the fact that you need to make sure the room is sufficiently illuminated, the lights must also fit the decor. When it comes to proper illumination, you can get expert opinions, but you will have to discover for yourself what your kid really likes.

With this article I would like to give you some ideas for lighting kids’ rooms. I will explain your options, which should help in selecting the most appropriate one for your child. You will see that everything that is made for adults is available for children as well. Did you know that they make chandeliers for kids? There are also children’s pendant lights, kids’ wall lights, special ceiling lights for children, night and table lights with child-focused designs and my favorite… children’s light switches. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

1.) Kids’ chandeliers

Kids’ chandeliers don’t look as fancy as normal chandeliers do, but they still provide a glamorous atmosphere. Most of them have three or four bulbs, which is again much less than what you would find on a regular chandelier. When you are buying chandeliers for children, make sure you buy a girl’s chandelier for a girl and boy’s chandelier for a boy (they can be distinguished by color). Another interesting thing I have noticed is that manufacturers are taking into consideration the fact that children grow, and that the lights will likely need to be replaced someday (a teenager probably won’t want to have a chandelier made for a small boy in his room). That’s why chandeliers can be hung from a cord and plugged in swag-style for easier installation and removal instead of being professionally installed (it’s up to you to decide).


Picture 1: An example of a kids’ chandelier (source:

From my personal experience, chandeliers look really great in children’s rooms. But to get the perfect appearance (and mood), you need suitable light bulbs. Of course, the right effect can also be achieved with a light dimmer (if that’s not too much trouble for a children’s room). If the light is too bright, your kid won’t feel as good and the room also won’t look as attractive (usually, people buy bulbs with too much power).

2.) Pendant lights for children

Pendant lights are even more popular in children’s rooms than chandeliers. Most people use them because they are very simple to install and their price is also very reasonable (although most children’s chandelier also cost under $100). You can get kids’ pendant lights with designs for boys, designs for girls, or unisex ones. Some are more appropriate for babies, others for children from 5 to 12 years old, and so on (for example, you can find pendant lights in the shape of a skateboard, a car, a plane, or probably anything else you can think of).


Picture 2: Pendant lights for children can look great (source:

3.) Children’s ceiling lights

Some people don’t like “hanging” lights – they want to have a light installed on the ceiling without chains, ropes, and so on. The benefit of ceiling lights for kids is their price — they are the cheapest among lights available for children. They are also safer for children, who won’t get the idea of hanging something on the light, which can easily be done with a pendant light or chandelier. They are also more appropriate for children’s rooms with a low ceiling (so parents won’t hit their heads every time they walk through).


Picture 3: Children’s ceiling light (source:

I can add another piece of advice here – if you are planning to install a ceiling fan in your child’s room, you should know that you can buy special ceiling fans for kids (kids’ ceiling fans). There are also special lights that can be installed on ceiling fans (to make the ceiling fan look better).

4.) Wall lights for kids

Wall lights should not be used as a replacement for a ceiling light, chandelier, or pendant light – their job is to brighten areas that aren’t illuminated sufficiently by other lights. Wall lights also improve the appearance of the room. They are decorative, not task lights, which means that they also can’t replace table lights. Wall lights can be bought in different shapes (for example, the moon, a star, a dog, etc.) and colors (if you don’t like any of the shapes). Most of them are unisex (they are made for both boys’ and girls’ rooms).

5.) Table lamps for children

Table lamps have the role of task lighting – they are used when your kids are doing homework, drawing, or doing anything else that needs focused light. You can get them in all possible shapes (such as a ball, bear, etc.). I suggest buying portable table lamps (not the ones installed on the table) in case your kid decides to do his/her work somewhere else (such as in the dining room or on the floor).


Picture 4: Elephant table light, appropriate for younger children (source:


As you can see, it’s important to use your imagination when designing your child’s room. Before you start buying different lights, you should probably choose the main “theme” of the room – for example, if your main theme is “cars” (for a boy’s room), you can buy a bed that’s in the shape of a car, a ceiling light in the shape of a steering wheel, a wall light in the shape of a tire, and a table light with pictures of different cars or trucks. You should also consider safety when choosing lights for your kids' room.

I hope you’ve gotten some new ideas for the lighting of your children’s rooms. I would like to add one final tip – don’t forget to buy light switches that match the lighting theme of the room. They will make your kids’ rooms look even better.

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