Options Abound With Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers: they don’t exactly get your blood running, do they? Well, don’t underestimate them, because they come in far more styles than you realize and they can add a lot of pizzazz to your room(s). In fact, depending on your taste, your light switch plates might become the most talked-about feature in any given room. Manufacturers are offering more types of plate switch covers than ever before, and the abundance of choice makes you the winner. In addition, none of these decorative touches costs much, giving you a lot of bang for the buck (or euro).

As you begin to think about the theme for each of your rooms, realize that there is probably a light switch plate to match any of your stylish touches. Here is very quick sample of the possibilities for plate switch covers for your dining and/or living rooms, for instance: French Lace Burnished Antique Brass, Paisley Brushed Satin Pewter, French Lace Sponged Copper, Amerelle Rooster Deco, Rafael’s Angels or Tavern Oak Wood, and that’s just for starters. In fact, you could spend hours online looking at all of the possibilities, but remember that too many choices can lead to significant stress, so restrict your search to match your plans. There is also the possibility that a lowly light switch plate could give you an idea for your theme. Take a look around if you are searching for ideas.


Picture 1: If you are tired of standard silver light switches, you should consider light switch covers

Categories of Decorative Switch Covers

A couple of categories divide your choices when it comes to decorative switch covers. You can go for different types of material looks that have decorative touches, such as the Paisley Brushed Satin Pewter, or you can choose a plate switch cover that has actual artwork on it, such as Rafael’s Angels. Both add a very, very nice touch to your room at a very low cost. Decorative switch covers might be one of the best bargains around for enhancing a mood in your room.

Among the other choices for decorative switch covers are nickel, bronze, porcelain, ceramic, textured and stone covers, all of which look fantastic. If you can find a dealer online that offers categories such as “Old World” and “Vintage”, be sure to take a look. There are dozens of eye-catching designs, including arabesque and antique options that might complete the look you want in your oriental-themed den or living room filled with antique furniture. Your light switch plate can be the capstone to your decorating genius – a small price to pay to enhance your reputation as a master interior decorator!

Furthermore, if you have a wallpaper that you adore in a certain room and hate to mess it up with a busy light switch plate or plain Jane plate switch cover, there are even clear light switch plates to preserve all of the beautiful lines that your paper creates on your wall. Whoever thought of this type of plate switch cover should receive an award because nothing hurts a room’s look more than a beige plate switch cover in the midst of jaw-dropping wallpaper.

A Feast of Kids Light Switch Covers

When it comes to other rooms in the house, the possibilities explode, especially for your children’s rooms. The number of kids light switch covers seems to grow by the day, with all sorts of themes that kids will love. Have you always wanted to communicate to your child that s/he is a sports all-star? A light switch plate will remind them of your encouraging opinion several times a day, including the last minutes of the evening. How cool is it to think that your child will fall asleep with the words “all-star” rolling around in his/her brain? That’s a powerful mind-set to carry into the sleeping hours.

For Disney lovers, all sorts of kids light switch covers are available, giving your child a complete fantasy feel to his/her bedroom. Many themed bedroom décor sets include light switch plates to complete the flavor of the room.

Does your child love dinosaurs? Does she want to be a ballerina? You can find a kids light switch cover to correspond with just about any passion that your child has. Many sports teams also offer decorative light switch covers so that your child (or you) can show their team spirit.


Picture 2: An example of light switch cover for kids

Light Switch Covers for Very Little Ones

You don’t have to wait until your child is a bit grown up to buy a kids light switch cover. There are many that look great in baby’s room, and as soon as s/he begins to learn her letter and numbers, s/he can look at her light switch cover for help when s/he wakes up in the morning and turns on the light, and at the end of the day when s/he turns off the light and falls asleep. Who would guess that light switch covers could be educational tools?

Anything You Could Want in Light Switch Plates

Finally, the larger dealers of decorative switch covers offer almost any type of light switch plate that you could imagine even if you sat for months in your drawing room and sketched ideas. Do you want an African theme with giraffes and zebras? It’s available. Favor the Fleur de Lis? No problem. Looking for an alien invasion? There are several light switch covers to choose from.

There are a multitude of choices of decorative switch covers, far more than you could imagine. They function as an inexpensive accent, a low-cost final touch for any theme that you choose to follow in a room or outdoor area. Pick a motif and find a light switch plate to match, or draw your inspiration from the hundreds of decorative light switch covers that serve as small works of art themselves.

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