Try Automation For Your Home’s Lighting

There could be many reasons why you would make the switch to automation for control of your home lighting needs, and all of them are good ones. Automation accomplishes so many worthy objectives simultaneously, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to launch it!

Good Reasons to Use Home Automation

Whether you want to cut waste of electricity or simply change the mood in a given room or rooms, automation offers fantastic control and flexibility at prices that continue to drop. Say good-bye to the days of lights being left on all night (or during your extended holiday) by accident. Bid adieu to the era when you ran around the room adjusting several switches to try and establish the right ambiance for your huge party. Automation can determine precisely when every light in your house is turned on and off or simply give you one-touch access to a single device that can create several atmospheres in your home in seconds.

Picture 1: If you will automate your lights, you won’t be needing light switches very often

Several top companies make home automation systems that control not only your lighting but your curtains, air conditioning, heating, fans, appliances, televisions, stereos and other systems that used to require manual adjustment. Many of these systems are quite easy to install, and they can be controlled by your PC, iPad or even a credit card-sized remote control. That way, you can control several lights and appliances before you even enter your home, and the completely wireless system ensures that you won’t be tripping over any elaborate cords, either.

Ways to Make Home Automation Work For You

The applications of such automation in the area of lighting boggle the mind. If you are a creature of habit, you can program your lights to turn on when you enter the bathroom each morning and go to the kitchen for breakfast. You can also be sure that they are all turned out at a given time each night. Overriding your settings is simple as well, of course, in case you want to get up earlier or stay up later.

If you choose to “give your house a brain” as one popular ad campaign says, you will never have to touch a switch to dim the lights in your bedroom, turn down the wattage in your child’s room as s/he dozes off or make sure that the bathroom light doesn’t blind you first thing in the morning. You can also link this automation system to your holiday lighting arrangement, making it far easier to win that “Best Decorated Home on the Block” title that you so covet.

Home Automation and Security

Of course, when you go away and want to give the appearance that someone is home to apprehend any intruders, you can program your home’s lights more expertly than ever before to increase your security and give yourself peace of mind while on holiday or a business trip.

Picture 2: If lights are turned on and off even when you are not at home, this will scare most of intruders

When you are home and want to go beyond a standard routine of turning lights on and off, you can become extremely creative with your automation system. Want to show off that new work of art you while everyone is over for the party? You can do it with a click. Need to illuminate the pool for that evening gathering? Just tap your iPad. Need special lighting for movie night as a family? Click your remote and, voila, you’ll make amazing memories.

Don’t let the initial start-up cost for a home automation system scare you off. You’ll save considerable money in energy efficiency, and the ability to control each room’s atmosphere through lighting is difficult to put a price tag on. Once you make the switch to no switches, you’ll never want to turn back to the 20th Century.

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